Friday, September 2, 2011

Technical Pro RX35U Review

Technical Pro RX35U Review

The RX35U Audio Receiver with Tuner is nicely packed, and the manual included is moderately informative, but gives you all the necessary information required except, more detailed specifications regarding the wattage. It is a personal pet peeve of mine that almost all amplifier manufacturers are overly optimistic or intentionally confusing on their stated specifications. We will hook up the system and share our guesstimation as to the continuous wattage, later. The amplifier itself weighs 8lbs and overall has a clean professional look. The front panel of the RX35U, there are 22 features including volume/tuner knobs, USB, SD card, mp3 player inputs, DVD, Aux, MP3/SD/USB, Play/Pause, Previous, and Next Buttons, two microphone inputs and three knobs to control the microphone's volume, echo, and tone and finally three controls to manipulate bass, treble, and balance.

We are currently in the midst of building outdoor theater packs for next summer, so Technician Scott and I hooked up five 800C speakers using a laptop and Alesis-4USB mixer. The sound was really incredible, we tested several scenes from "Lord of the Rings," and "Harry Potter," because they both have excellent surround formatting and we wanted to test the surround capabilities. We were really impressed by the overall sound quality and therefore wanted to push the amplifier to see if the RX35U could handle some bigger speakers. We switched the front Podium Pro 800Cs for the larger Trap12 models in the front and "wow" it really created a surround system that could easily cover a 50 person venue. Connecting the system was simple, and well laid out.

Next, we tested the USB and SD card inputs, and again the over-all performance was good. We didn't bother setting up an antenna to test the tuner. I would estimate the actually combined RMS around 300 watts @ 8ohms.

The coolest thing about this receiver is that I can see it being used in so many different capacities, from my daughters dance studio, to our home surround theater, outdoor theaters (amp is not weather resistant), restaurants, and small venues.

Bottom line, I would say that for the ridiculously low price of $124.99 and taking all the features, power, and sound quality in to consideration  the Technical Pro RX35U is absolutely a great buy.

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