Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 Reasons an Audio Technician or Musician Should Have an Audio Cable Tester

Professional Audio Technicians, Mobile Audio DJs, and Musicians alike rely on their equipment and speakers to perform perfectly, and when this doesn't happen it could have a lasting impact on their pocketbook.  This is why Audio Professionals generally carry with them a basic tool box that can assist in pin-pointing the defective piece of equipment in the line up. This can be very time consuming and difficult depending on the scale of the venue. There is one tool in the box we believe that no Pro Audio Technician, DJ, or Musician should be with out, the SM Pro Audio CT-2 Audio Cable Tester, and here is why.

1)  Saves Time: When someone calls with unwanted distortion or sound degradation, I always recommend swapping out the cables first, or if you have an Audio Cable Tester, to test the cables.  Here is the first advantage of the SM Pro Audio Cable tester, the CT2 offers many common connectors such as Speakon, XLR, Phono, BNC, DIN, TRS, TS, DMX, and Banana. To swap out every cable with a new cable just to diagnose if that is the root of the issue would be too burdensome and time consuming. The CT2 allows for testing cables even with different connectors at each end.

2) Saves Money: The connectors and the wire junction points at the connectors is  responsible for approximately 90% of all cable failures. Most frequently, these are where the flex points are and the wire breaks right where it is attached to the connector. The CT-2 Audio Cable Tester from SM Pro Audio actually will help determine if the cable is dead or if it is repairable with a new connector. We tested several old balanced 1/4" jack cables, and the LED light display tells us if the sleeve, tip, or ring are good. The user can easily determine if swapping out the tip for a dollar will solve the issue rather than tossing the whole cable.

3) The price point.  Any other Audio Cable Tester that has similar features and functions will easily cost you $60-100. The CT-2 retails for only $39.99.

4) Convenience & Portability: The CT2 audio cable tester only measures 8.9cm x 14cm x 3.7cm and requires only a 9volt battery for operation. The construction of the CT2 audio cable tester is durable.

5) Ease of Use: This is not a complicated tool, it doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles however, it is an extremely functional tool that may save a gig or two in the end.

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