Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SM Pro Audio XPH4 Headphone Amp Video

    • Input Connectors: stereo 3.5mm mini TRS and RCA
    • Max gain: 19dB/Channel
    • Input Impedance: 100K unbalanced
    • S/N ratio: > 98dB
    • Max input level : + 22 dB
    • Power: 12-18V DC adapter (optional accessory, not included)
    • Output connectors: 1/4” stereo TRS phone
    • Size: 88 x 54 x 38 mm
    • Output impedance: Minimum 10 ohms each output
    Many times when you are in the studio, more than one person would like to hear the mix or each person wants a different volume level than the other. The SM Pro Audio XPH4 Headphone Amplifier is a convenient studio accessory that powers up to 4 headphones. There are two inputs, an RCA and a 3.5 mini connection to connect directly from any form of headphone output or use a line level output. The back side houses four 1/4" stereo outputs, each connection is a 10 ohm output. One advantage to using a separate headphone amplifier is managing the crossfeed. Crossfeeding blends the left and right stereo channels slightly, reducing the extreme channel separation which is characteristic of headphone listening and sometimes can cause headaches. The XPH4 allows you to switch from stereo to mono, this is especially nice if you are spending long hours in the studio with headphones.

    Bottom line: The XPH4 is an extremely useful studio accessory built solid with a few basic features. Over all it does exactly what you would purchase a multi-channel headphone amplifier to do with a reasonable price point of $49.99.

    Buy it now at: www.OnlyFactoryDirect.com

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    1. Hi, I like the XPH4. When does it come out?. I have tried the audio studio from them and it seems to work great wonders on the web. I didn't have any probs with audio dropouts either.