Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mackie Studio Monitors MR5mk2 and MR8 mk2 Instant Rebate

Absolutely, one of the best deals of the year. Highly rated Mackie Studio Monitors with instant savings!!

When your studio is ready to go pro, you want a reference monitor that translates in all environments, holds up under all conditions, and isn’t painted up like a school bus.  You want an investment that sounds both amazing and amazingly flat, so you don’t end up second guessing your mixes into infinity.  You also want monitors you can turn up, because not every artist is “satisfied” listening to their ear-shredding guitar solos or thunderous bass tones at “nominal volumes”.  And you want all of this at the right price. MRmk2 Series Studio Monitors are all that and more. With unbelievable power, performance and clarity MRmk2 Series Studio Monitors stand alone in their class.

OnlyFactoryDirect.com is a Mackie Authorized Dealer 

 Deal ends September 30th, 2012