Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's the Deal with this Auralex Isolation Padding? MoPads Under Review

The Auralex MoPad Isolation pads are one of the most affordable ways to sonically take your recording studio to the next level. It's hard to believe that having your monitors on a shelf, cabinet, or desk could cause so much excitement, but that is exactly what it does. It "excites" or vibrates the wall or surface that it is in contact with, especially during the low frequencies. Adding Auralex Mopads to your set-up, your monitors will sound deeper, the bass will be tighter, and your overall sound will have more definition.  Even adding them to inexpensive computer speakers will make a huge difference.

The official terminology is "acoustic decoupling" or Acoustic quieting which is the process of making quieter by damping vibrations to prevent them from reaching the observer. Speakers vibrates, causing soundwaves in air and negatively impacts thesound or recording. Quieting is achieved by absorbing the vibrational energy or minimizing the source of the vibration.

In addition to the acoustic benefits, MoPads also have a cool little feature that allows you to angle your monitors up or down by 4 or 8 degrees using a fiew extra pieces of angled foam. Ideally, your monitors will be placed at ear-level height, so if your desk or shelf is too high or low, make the adjustment using the Auralex foam. All in all, again this is a super affordable way to improve the sound in your home studio, and you won't regret the investment.

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