Thursday, August 4, 2011

How do the Podium Pro Audio PP1204CA Powered Speakers Stack Up?

As most musicians will tell you, finding good quality PA speakers without breaking the bank is no easy task. To make matters worse, many affordable products are either cheaply made, lack quality, or are totally void of important functions and accessories.  Well, I have discovered an exception to the rule; Podium Pro Audio’s PP1204CA Powered Speakers with built in Mp3 Player.  Although fairly unknown to most, Podium Pro Audio provides very functional and cost effective products backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect (something almost non-existent anymore in the music retail world). When stacked against other name brand items of similar caliber, the Podium PP1204CA not only held its own but outshined its higher priced competitors in some areas.

The PP1204CA is a powered 2 way PA speaker featuring a Class A amplifier that delivers 300 watts (RMS) & 600 watts (Peak Power) to a Deluxe 12"  woofer with a 75oz Driver with a 3” voice coil and wide dispersion titanium membrane tweeter. It also features an onboard MP3 Player that works with a USB thumb drive or SD card (a 4gb thumb-drive is provided), a very sensitive EQ with Master Volume, Treble and Bass Control Knobs. The PP1204CA powered speaker also offers two XLR or ¼ inch inputs, an additional XLR or RCA input, and an XLR or ¼ inch line level output to connect multiple speakers. The rugged ABS plastic housing features top & side handles, as well as wheels on the rear bottom for ease of transport. The rubber feet are also contoured so that they can be easily stacked on top of one another and can be elevated with speaker stands with the built in pole mounts.
Here are a few of the key ingredients that make this product a delectable delight. As I mentioned, the tone controls are very sensitive meaning the slightest adjustment makes a huge difference in the tonality of the speaker. Most on-board equalizers or tone controls make very slight changes in tone (ie: you turn up the treble and just get a tinnier sound but no added clarity), however these controls really work to sculpt and color your sound with very little effort. The built-in MP3 player is also great for all kinds of jam on the go type events (such as BBQ’s, tailgating, sporting events, church camps, etc.) and makes it very convenient to just plug in a small memory card and have hours of music at your fingertips.

Ease of connectivity and portability make these great speakers to take on the road, considering the wattage and sensitivity for a pair would suffice for larger gigs or a single speaker for smaller gigs or functions. I see the smaller version of these used throughout a live band set-up as monitors. With the addition of a few small accessories like an Alesis LineLink cable and a Sendstation PocketDock, one can easily and safely hook up a laptop or iPod giving you endless musical possibilities! The only real drawback is the 50 lbs weight per speaker, but with the added top handle and rear casters the weight issue is offset by such conveniences. 

 So if you’re in the market for an affordable PA system with great sound and tons of awesome features check out the Podium Pro Audio PP1204CA, available exclusively from

Review written by Scott “SVH” Von Heldt, professional touring/recording artist, author, and journalist.

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