Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Studio Software Review & Video Studio One

Dave Thompson Review: 
"Having been a studio engineer and running my home studio for the last 15 years I can honestly say this is one of the easiest platforms to work on.  It's cross platform meaning I can run it in any studio, and it's the same version.  Mac or PC doesn't matter.   That's huge on it's own.  Second, sound quality is second to none.  It's obvious when you first load it up.  Even in headphones.  Lastly, the Pro version is a fully integrated studio solution, that has end to end tools. From production to CD burning and soundcloud integration.  Nothing on the market comes close at this price.  Period." is an authorized PreSonus Dealer. We carry a large variety of studio monitors, mixing boards, digital mixers, acoustic foam, recording interfaces, midi devices, headphones and more. 


$75 Instant Rebate! PreSonus Studio Live 16.0.2 Digital Mixer SL-1602

$75 Instant Rebate! It seems Presonus improves the software/functionality with each new mixer (16.4 to 24.4 to 16.0). Advantages for the 16.0.2 include the small size, the small price, and the same preamps as for the larger mixers. MIDI control is unique to this unit, and makes the PreSonus digital studio mixer so versatile. The PreSonus 16.0.2 is the smaller lighter weight and more compact cousin of the 16.4.2 and is beloved by most recording and live sound engineers.


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